Valuation & Consultancy

Hartamas Valuation and Consultancy provides a wide range of valuation services for various purposes.  It is headed by experience Registered Valuers and Chartered Valuation Surveyors which collectively had over thirty (30) years of practical experience. 

We had experience in carrying out valuation for various purposes including:- 

Financing / Mortgage​

Sale / Purchase​

Internal Management


Fire Insurance



Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

Securities Commission Malaysia

Compulsory Land Acquisition

Consultancy Services

We have the capabilities of conducting market research and feasibility studies for real estate clients/ players including property developers, private investors, investment funds, retailers, asset managers and multi-national companies. We have carried out market studies for various property development projects; financial feasibility studies covering assessment of current construction cost trends; preparation of cash flow and discounted cash flow analysis.

We also provide project advisory services on, inter alia, the suitability of sites for proposed developments, development finance for a particular project; the feasibility of projects; preparation of design and development brief for architects and other professionals in the project development team; co-ordination and monitoring of the projects being carried out; on layout of shopping malls, commercial complexes, housing and industrial estates.

Our team constantly monitors and update all sectors of the property market via our companies own real estate marketing sources, collection of primary and secondary data, private and public published data, government subscribed database etc.

Should you require our services, kindly email us