Buyer Guide

Step 1

Find the suitable property

Step 2

Fill in the letter of offer

Step 3

Pay an initial deposit (Earnest Deposit) usually 2% or 3%

Step 4

Vendor (seller) will then acknowledge the acceptance column of the Letter of offer.

Step 5

Vendor have the right to forfeit your deposit if you go back on your word. Otherwise the vendor will have to refund your deposit plus a penalty of equivalent amount if he or she goes back on his or her word.

How To Apply For Financing

You may now proceed to apply for a financing package that best suit you (optional) .

You may also seek the help from real estate agent to assist you on this matter.

Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA)

  • Its your duty as a buyer to appoint a solicitor to prepare the Sale & Purchase Agreement.
  • Once this agreement is ready, both vendor and buyer are required to sign it before sending it for stampling .
  • By now the buyer will have to pay the remaining of the first 10% down payment to the vendor
Sales and Purchase Agreement

Balance of 90% Purchase Price

3 Month to settle the balance of 90% purchase price.

1 Month extension is allowed but with an imposition of interest calculated on a daily basis.

Delivery of Vacant Possession

Completion of unconditional SPA

Payment of balance purchase price

Conditions precedent like from state authority, foreign investment committee etc