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Project Marketing

Our Residential Project Marketing team is well regarded and respected particularly in the upper end segment of the market. We have an admirable track record that speaks volumes of our abilities. Further supported by a database of over 500,000 high net worth local and international contacts, Hartamas is able to offer effective services and strategies for the marketing and sales of developments.

We are proud to have worked with many prominent developers of high-end residential properties. Our efforts have resulted in sales value of RM5.5 billion in the past 5 years. We deliver strong results, with sales records of 95% to 100% being achieved within a short 9-month period.

Scope of Work

Participate and contribute towards product development as part of the Client Consultant team.

Provide market intelligence.

Develop and implement a marketing & sales strategy including pricing & promotions.

Actively participate in preparations of marketing collaterals and materials related to the development with relevant creative agencies.

Assign dedicated project sales team of experienced sales executives.

Submit sales and marketing reports.

Handle all sales enquiries, closing of sales, collections of deposits on your behalf, follow upon the signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with panel lawyers and financier’s letter of offer and other legal documents.

Assist in campaigns to create market awareness including organizing road shows and events.