Asset Management

Hartamas Asset Management is managed by a team of experienced staff who collectively have over 50 years of practical and hands-on experience. We have experience in managing a variety of properties i.e. apartments, condominiums, retail and office properties. Our property management services include, amongst others, supervision and monitoring of overall property upkeep and maintenance, liaising with service providers/contractors & authorities, accounting and financial management, tenancy update, recommendation on upgrading programme and general improvement of the assets & facilities.

Hartamas Asset Management is committed to providing the best property management services to our clients with the incorporation of best practices, wherever possible, including the introduction of the latest building management system and technology for the overall improvement and enhancement of the value of the client’s assets/ properties.

We also provide the following additional consultancy services on:

Strata or mix development schemes

Gated and Guarded development

Advisory to the developer on the formation of JMB and /or MC

Conduct 1st JMB/MC meeting on behalf of a developer

Preparation of financial budget and calculation of service charges & sinking fund

Professional review of building design

Professional review on House Rules, Renovation Guidelines and set-up of the management office

Should you require our services, kindly email us